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Federico Felecreno II: Castigo

Federico Felecreno returns to the screen, this time to pay the price for his actions in the case of Señora Maria Tarrega.

…And just when you thought fringlerfilms had disappeared from your life, a Spanish project from our Junior year of high school has been resurrected. After years Minnesota and Turkey we are back. Better than ever? It’s up to you to decide.

Watch in original Spanish above or with English subtitles below:

Relive history and watch the original Federico Felecreno film below:

Broken Parallel [unfinished project]

here’s my (noah)’s screen treatment for the full film.


ANOTHER CHANCE [fractured/broken parallel]

(GLIDECAM?) MAN SEEN WALKING NERVOUSLY DOWN communications hallway with a bottle of white pills, breaks into run

CAR – Gets in checks pills (tic tacs in prescription bottle), white, gets in, drives, gets out, montage (mercedes?)

the man shrugs and takes the pill, does it split him painfully or open another reality or universe to his voice and his DNA, allowing him from another reality to join his?

any way, another passed out version or himself appears and he loses consciousnesses as the other wakes, finding his consciousness transferable between them with the use of a pill.

Cut to man walking through arboretum, montage of walking. comes to pile of branches. Wide and dolly shots followed progress. (abandoned railroad?)

he kneels and pulls away branches, revealing CLONE, sleeping, gets out a white pill, forces it into his lips, he wakes up slowly.


How you feel?


Good, I’m ready.


See you soon.

original MAN takes white pill and goes to sleep lies down.

CLONE covers MAN body. face seen disappearing under brush.

CLONE walks away

CLONE seen in car

arrives at house, pulls out gun, Knocks on door, waits, yells,


Come out PAUL. You know you owe me!


I have it! [opens door] I have it, its all right here, it’s everything I have! You gotta let me keep some! I’ll be evicted! I mean I only need…


I don’t have time for this, (shit?) PAUL. Give me that!

PAUL releases the money case terrified, CLONE takes money.
Clone turns walks toward car, is shot by me from behind, bleeds falls revealing PAUL with the gun, CLONE struggles to car. Sitting in front seat, CLONE dies. Pan of dead CLONE (cam pulling in) as PAUL comes to grab money, dart off. White pill seen falling from dead CLONE hand onto ground.


MAN from before in forest covered mostly by brush. He is still as stone, eyes closed. Camera holds close up right above, medium, then very wide long shot of empty forest. ECHO EFFECT on “Frank Ocean – Wiseman” [3:05-3:51]

Music up, [fringlerfilms.com]


Battle of the Brushes (Guerrilla Film Project 2014)

Guerrilla Film Festival 2014 is over, our team with Isabella has won both categories, 1st Place Audience and 1st Place Judges choice. It has been an amazing four years in the Festival!