Feb. 9: It’s the NH presidential primary and a few days ago Brendan sent me his edit of a film we made over winter break – here it is on the website finally. It was a long hiatus and we are both sophomores in college now. The film turned out alright, it was filmed in -15 degree weather in 48 hours with no budget of course. It’s fun to be back on fringlerfilms for a bit. 

Until next time… – Noah



Aug. 21: received negatively we publicly released an edited version of the Parallel Universe Theory today, it will probably be our last video until 2015 together. 

July 31: We have a big one coming, a seven minute epic maybe, we will see how it comes out, its the Parallel Universe Theory. Noah leaves Sept 1, Brendan Sept 9 for college and Turkey, activities will be mostly suspended until July 2015. 

Feb 16: Guerrilla Film Festival 2014 is over, our team with Isabella has won both categories, 1st Place Audience and 1st Place Judges choice. It has been an amazing four years in the Festival.

Feb 2: Another weekend closer to Guerrilla Film Festival 2014, and a little video for you; comedy i guess. 


Nov 17: We haven’t forgotten about Halloween. It’s the fifth year of the special already!

Sept 3: New video extra for the first day of school. I can tell you now that a longer film “Broken Parallel” is in the works. Noah Wrote it and Brendan is filming it. Look forward to it. Might turn into episodes, who knows.

August 19: New extra up, Senior year of high school starts Sept 3 for us, and we will be of course competing in the Guerilla Film Festival for a final time, and you can expect more videos and of course a Halloween Special.

June 27: Stopping by, don’t forget to go watch some fringlerfilms classics, we are both gone until August, will be updated a bit. 

June 1-10: worked on a film called spaceman, coming out June 11.

April 17: AP tests and finals are less than a month away and we are packing it in until then, although Noah has made a TV appearance in a series called Family Planning (pilot), which will be premiering in a few months, it will probably be available on youtube too eventually.

April 7: Solid film session, new 7 minute or longer movie coming: the Chimpanzee Film Festival AKA You do it to yourself

Feb 20: Working on a winter film! Guerrilla film fest over. fringlerfilmz2 has a huge vault of OLD material from 2005-6 up!

Jan 22: Coming soon, A Noir in Spanish


In 2012: 36,122 combined youtube views, 8 features videos, 178 total combined all-time uploads, 16,411 combined website views.

Dec 31: Happy 2013 World. Last video of 2012: “Break In” out now.

Dec 15: Guerrilla Film Festival 2013: Feb 14-17, Our submission will be up here by February 18th.

Dec 10: We are in Winter Break, will try to cook something up for you all.

Nov  27: Halloween Special IV up!

Nov. 20: Its the school year, so things are slow, but work on our horrorish film continues.

Sep 25: fringlerCraft 0.2 Free Download!!!

Sep 23: Weekend of action, extras and SPADES are online. Beta texture pack soon. 

Sep 3: 4 years on YouTube.

Aug 31: Spades are complete. 580 days later.

Aug 25: 52 almost done. here’s the alpha version of the fringlerfilms Minecraft Texture Pack

June 10: Brendan has left the country.

May 30: King of Spades half way done.

May 16: Queen of spades released.

May 1: Queen editing will continue but AP tests are now. a teaser is out.

April 5: 10 and Jack of spades are done! expect some extra videos from us as well: HERE and HERE

Mar 19: we got featured by iDokie, also we are filming 10 of spades and jack of spades on March 30 to April 7.

Feb 10: brendans sehome robotics connections and work up. still updated daily.



Dec 10: honestly forgot about news…but is going on right now.

Nov 5: mhmm we filmed the after Halloween Special. its on.

Oct 11: checked everything because its been a month. steve jobs is gone:( we only use macs. MY t3i is fly. I also have a video class second semester so ill make vids.

Sept. 11: we never forget. also: extras posted.

Sept. 2: school is delayed to sept 7… my blog has new vlogs. as well as brendans blog and brendanfringler.

Aug 23: both back…9 of spades work in progress. (our school will start Sept 6, ending most work.)

Aug 15: both of us on vacation.

Aug 7: ISLAND (7 of s re-edit)

Aug 3: about page up.

Aug. 2: 8 of spades..island soon.

July 28: ep. 7 up. BIG NEWS: we are getting all new stuff. such as 1080p HD DSLRS and more final cut pro for days. all this coming year. 52 in HD will be great.

July 21: pre production for ep. 8-10 done. filming ep. 7 now.

July 7: noahs in mexico. might do a 52 here idk maybe just another film. visit brendans blog. the links up.

June 27: 52 is filmed to episode 6 ep. 5 is out as of the 26th.   

June 19: 52 is steaming along, plot develpoment and filming are in the works. ep. 4 is almost done.

Feb 19: 107 videos on the site as of today.

Feb 18: enjoyin 2011. shout out to nabil, ryan lewis, vbs, and more. check them out. workin on 52 ep. 4 and the guerilla film project competition for 2 more days. yeah, the extras got updated today, the site is updated to 6.1 beta

Jan 31: New show started (maybe we’ll commit to this one), some new extras

12,200 views, 33 features, 103 total, 6,220 website views.


Dec 20: Extras syndicated on extras page from last 5 months

Oct. 5: 5 extras uploaded over at brendanfringler check em out

Sept. 21: filming slow cuz of high school ep. 3 of rz on the way.

Aug 31: Pilot part one filming is done editing underway.

Aug. 21: Relative Zero premiers the pilot is coming soon

August 10: Want more summer school will be chill though weve been on vacations alot have alot of footage we’re editing.

July 1: Zombie up! work in progress we decided to just release anywhay.

June 1: Checkin in once a month one site only: New member…

May 16: workin on Olympics Vlog

May 2: Vlog of seattle and waldron up 

April 19: All oldies and crappy main channel videos private (including tech)

March 25: I’m here managing things. No news. working on my exit project so no new stuff in the near future.

March 12: New Teheme comments enabled via google navigation corrected.

Feb 18: New Extras

Feb 15: New Film Youtube Kidnaps People

Feb 4: Vlogs complete iPod Game Reviews Tommorow

Feb 1: Grand  Canyons 2,3,4 up 5 coming this week. after the grand canyon comes concert vlogs with my sisters band parts 1 and 2. 

Jan 17: New Vlog

Jan 15: New news will be posted at the top of the page, all older posts before this change were added at the bottom.


05: Fringlerfilms makes first non-web video (Bob the Stormtrooper Falls Down)

08: Goes to youtube

Sept. 3: first news

Sept. 15: first you tube video uploaded, it’s called EAC.

Sept. 18: 2 New videos!

Oct. 2: Ley Line’s Debut

Oct. 8: 2 New Previews

Oct. 11: A new one.

Oct. 22: Several more including our fist music vid, EAC has 70 views!

Nov 9: New Film and president!

Nov 12: EAC has 84 views.

Nov 17: Awesome new location! (the worlds third largest piramid!!!)

Nov 21: Video Released, can you wait for part 1?

Nov 24: New videos made long ago posted. Part 1 date announced.

Nov. 26: more old videos put on youtube! ( and 1 new one the transteleportational car)

Nov 30: part 1 posted.

Dec 2: New picture more happening. (My birthday!)

Dec 25: Our first real video camera!

Jan 1: another new picture, Bartholomew Piper, and a New year. (EAC has over 100 views.)

Jan 5: We’re flying back to the states tomorrow! and every page is updated there’s new news, video titles, different front page, and Our Best is set up.

Jan 30: We’re back and updating again!

Jan 31: New page.

Feb 16: New Video, and possibly new “best of” and 3 old videos put on wiithout  Agent Tiger Part 1 because its too long for youtube.

March 14: Wow, this is Dumb 2 is started.

March 29: new banner with Brendan and I, maybe the permanent one.

April 5: New video Detonation.

April 7: just another boring day on the computer.

April 11: General maintenence over 1400 views!!!!!

April 14: BY added Hurricane Video with airplaneguy2 added.

April 29: BY stocked and Happotonic Hatscrew editing begins.

May 1: New BY stuff.

May 13: Dr. Happatonic Hatscrew and BY

May 24: Dr. H2 Preview

May 27: Editing started on Dr. H2 should be completed next week…maybe.

May 29: New page names.

June 16: Ghost Dream Released and end of school year.

July 24: We saw the new star trek then made watch out (the new video).

July 25: I put together the anatomy of a stunt today and posted it ALL IN 45 MINs

Aug 15: Just got back. Dr. H is up it SUCKS, more better stuff soon check twitter.

Aug. 19: fringlerphotos muted but uploaded. Trip log uploaded on noahr1’s channel.

Aug. 27: new video, the body shop and finale.

Sept. 1: watch out deleted on accident more vlogs and stuff on noahr1 soon.

Sept. 12: New Video invsion of the art bearing people and frinlerfilmz2 channel created.

Sept. 19: New vid Fartington elementary LOKO-TV being worked on.

Sept 27: The disease on its way and revised links column.

Nov 11: Site in criostasis new vid about body shop.

Nov 29: Chrismas special being prepped for

Dec 28: Site Dormant while we’re on vacation, no new videos in site except for grande canyon trip travelogue i’m making.


Jan 9: Major 2010 overhaul in process.

Jan 10: Another week of major overhaul, picture will change soondon’t worry daily videos coming soon.

Jan 11: Over haul complete back to sunday videos only.

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  1. Brendan

    This is a reply for you, Nina. Skype is a program that allows you to talk to and (if you have a camera) see anybody around the world who has skype. We use it to say hi to relatives, but I mainly use it to chat with friends (example: Noah). In the film: Part 1: The Idol, we used skype to take that shot of our conversation. You can get skype, simply by googling it, clicking on the first option (I think) and finding some way to download it (which I pretty sure you’re capable of doing).

  2. mollyman

    too much time, perhaps? in any case, i am horribly amused…. !!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  3. Quinno

    Ahhh! I can’t find out when Fixing a Hole was made. I know that Noah doesn’t know, but brendan do you?

  4. fringlerfilms

    Noah doesn’t know? Well neither do I right now. Let me find out. [Brendan looks on Vimeo and finds out] It was made 6 months ago or half of a year. To be very insanely exact: wednesday march fourth at 8:04 pm.

  5. Margot

    Hola Brendan y Noah!

    Sólo quiero decir que a mí me encanta sus películas, especialmente Los Casos del Frederico Felecreno. Fue un placer a conocer Brendan (Guille) cuando yo estaba un aldeano en El Lago del Bosque. Ahora estoy en mi final año de preparatoria y estoy tomando AP Lit en Español. Debido a Guille y los otros consejeros,
    tengo un mayor interés en el idioma y estoy explorando películas y música en español. Estoy orgullosa porque puedo entender todo sus películas en Español sin subtítulos porque ustedes hablan Español muy claro. ¿Ustedes piensan que van a crear más películas en el futuro?

    Una Entusiasta de Fringlerfilms

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