Federico Felecreno II: Castigo

Federico Felecreno returns to the screen, this time to pay the price for his actions in the case of Señora Maria Tarrega.

…And just when you thought fringlerfilms had disappeared from your life, a Spanish project from our Junior year of high school has been resurrected. After years Minnesota and Turkey we are back. Better than ever? It’s up to you to decide.

Watch in original Spanish above or with English subtitles below:

Relive history and watch the original Federico Felecreno film below:

Parallel Universe Theory

Both a divisive and a long film, Parallel Universe Theory challenges not only its own existence, but the boundaries of satirical art house itself. Is it good? Bad? Intelligent? Frustrating? do those words even have meaning after this? It is up to you.

See you next July.